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What is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month and How Does it Work?

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM) is an international and national observance of health and fitness in the workplace, created by two non-profit organizations, the National Association for Health & Fitness and ACTIVE Life. The goal of GEHFM is to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and their employees through worksite health promotion activities and environments. Formerly National Employee Health & Fitness Day, Global Employee Health & Fitness Month has been extended to a month-long initiative in an effort to generate sustainability for a healthy lifestyle and initiate healthy activities on an ongoing basis.

Employers everywhere are invited to participate in GEHFM. Throughout GEHFM employers will challenge their employees to create Healthy Moments, form Healthy Groups, and develop a Culminating Project. Participants will be able to log these activities on the GEHFM website throughout the month, allowing employers and employees to track, share, and promote their individual and group activities.

*** By logging activities on the Global Employee Health & Fitness Month website, you understand that you are participating at your own risk. Therefore, ACTIVE Life and the National Association for Healthy & Fitness are not responsible for any injury that you might incur.

History of Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

From 1989-2010, tens of thousands of employees engaged in National Employee Health & Fitness Day. However, it is clear that healthy behavior changes take time to develop into lifestyle habits. Recognizing the potential for making healthy habits, NAHF and ACTIVE Life decided that in 2011 a full month - and an international focus - would lead to healthier lifestyles and sustainable behavior change worldwide.


Click on the link names to download an electronic version of the following resources. We encourage you to use any of these as you see fit!

Download the Global Employee Health & Fitness Month Toolkit
Download the Global Employee Health & Fitness Month Guidelines
Download the Employee Health & Fitness Month Flyer
Download the FitZip Progress Tracker

About ACTIVE Life and the National Association for Health & Fitness

ACTIVE Life (AL) is an Austin-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making healthy the norm. AL is recognized nationally as an innovative leader, whose health-based services and technology impact millions of Texans each year. AL’s established a solid foundation within the Texas community, forming invaluable relationships with like-minded companies, organizations, agencies and institutions, while also developing strong financial base for growth.

To learn more about ACTIVE Life and our programs and initiatives, visit us online at www.activelifehq.org.

The National Association for Health & Fitness is a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for individuals in the United States through the promotion of physical fitness, sports and healthy lifestyles. NAHF accomplishes this work by fostering and supporting Governors’ and State Councils and coalitions that promote and encourage regular physical activity.

For more information, visit: physicalfitness.org